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Legalities for weddings in Cancun
There are two forms of weddings performed in Mexico:

1.- The Civil Wedding in Mexico (Matrimonio Civil)

This is the only “legal” ceremony which can actually change your marital status from single to married in Mexico. The “Acta de Matrimonio” or Marriage Certificate which is issued as a result of this act is recognized by the United States, Canada, France, England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany and most other countries as a legal, binding document. The Civil Wedding ceremony in Mexico must go through the office of the "Registro Civil" with the actual ceremony being performed by one of their justices. The justices perform these marriages in the offices of the "Registro Civil" or, for an additional fee, they will go to the actual wedding site you have chosen. The Justices allow the saying of personal vows.

2.- The Religious/non-denominational Ceremony:

This is a wonderful way to tie the knot or to renew and reaffirm the vows you took when you first got married. But remember that this type of ceremony does not change you marital status either here in Mexico or back home in your own country. You may choose to legalize your marriage with a Justice of the Peace or Judge in your home country before you come to Mexico, and then have the beautiful, memory making ceremony of your dreams in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, along the Riviera Maya or on one of the islands (Isla Mujeres, Cozumel, Holbox). Or, you may choose to legalize your marriage after you return home. Or, you may choose to do both at the same time in beautiful Mexico.


Documentation required for each participant in a Civil Marriage Ceremony in Mexico (we recommend that you bring at least one complete set of copies, plus the originals):

  1. Valid Passport.
  2. One additional form of valid picture identification (normally a drivers license)
  3. Original birth certificate.*
  4. Mexican entry visa or tourist card (provided by Customs upon arrival at the Cancun International Air port)
  5. Blood tests results, specifically for blood type, H.I.V. and S.T.D. These tests and the required medical certificate are normally taken care of at the hotel with results in 24 hours.
  6. If either party has been married before, the proper dissolution documents, dated at least one year prior to your Mexico wedding date, must be provided:
    a. If by divorce, a certified copy of the divorce decree(s)*
    b. If by death, a certified copy of the death certificate(s)*
  7. Legal documentation of adoption or name change, if applicable*
  8. Two witnesses for the bride and two witnesses for the groom (Four witnesses total). If the witnesses are not Mexican citizens, they must provide their Mexico entry visa or tourist card, passport and another form of picture identification. If witnesses are not available, they can be supplied as part of your package.
  9. Completed and signed “Application for Civil Marriage”. This is normally ready for you both to sign at our initial consultation meeting upon your arrival in Cancun.

Do NOT be alarmed! This seems like a lot of paperwork, but the majority of the work is done for you by our qualified staff prior to and immediately after your arrival, so that all you need to do is present the documents you have brought with you, sign the forms and have your blood tests done three business days before your wedding date. The time is minimal, since everything is pre-arranged and normally done at the hotel.You do not have to spend your precious vacation time with the details.We do that for you so you can relax, see the sights and enjoy each other in the beautiful surroundings.

(*) Please note: All foreign documents (birth certificate, divorce decree, death certificate, etc.) which are to be submitted to Mexican Officials for any legal procedure within the country, must have the legal Spanish translation and must be certified by an APOSTILLE. An apostille is an internationally recognized notary certification, done in the country of origin of the documents, and usually issued by the State Department of each country. In the United States, contact the Secretary of State in the state where you live. In Canada contact your nearest Mexican Embassy Office and ask for the Authentication Document which serves the same purpose as the Apostille document.

Required documentation for the bride and groom for the Religious or Non-denominational Ceremony include:

  1. Any two of these identifications: Valid Passport, Drivers License, Birth certificate. (After December 31, 2006, a Valid Passport must be one of the documents.)
  2. Mexican entry visa or tourist card (provided by Customs upon arrival at the Cancun International Airport).
  3. Two witnesses with their passport, drivers license, birth certificate and their Mexican entry visa or tourist card. (only 2 witnesses are required and can be provided as part of your package).
  4. If either party has been married before, the proper dissolution documents must be provided. If by divorce, a certified copy of the divorce decree (s), or if by death, a copy of the death certificate (s).
  5. A copy of your original Marriage Certificate.

:Please know that the ceremony will not take place in Mexico without the proper documents, and plan ahead.

Many couples choose a special anniversary (5th, 10th, 25th, 50th etc.) to commemorate and celebrate their years together as husband and wife. Others choose a renewal ceremony as new beginning, to start fresh, forgiving past misunderstandings and mistakes, while others just want to remind themselves why they said “I do” in the first place, sometimes sharing this special time with their children and/or grandchildren.

Whatever your reasons, this most special occasion should be at least as special as the first!... 
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